"Girl... a man who can feed you 😍 that is the best!!"

I've been wanting to write a new blog. I've been compelled to, but not until a few weeks ago did I grab my computer and write. It was after my girlfriend Heather posted the line that is the title of this blog. I said, yes it is girl! Yes it is.

See, my husband (Che), has a love affair with food. The way he speaks about it, respects it, appreciates it, and makes flavors dance on your tongue, is a true love affair. It's one of the sexiest things about him.

There's love in his food. For him, it's not about how much money he can make. It truly is about the experience people have while eating his food. Malik just knows what works with food. I remember him cooking me dinner for the first time and thinking, people need to taste this man's food!

Che Butter Jonez has been a long time coming. Malik just has a way of connecting with people. If you add food to that, you have Che Butter Jonez.

As we proceed...

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