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Bae Butter's Che Butter Chronicles

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

First! Thanks for the:



Since starting this business with my husband last year I've been trying to find "MY" lane in this here business. Then I remembered, I'm a freaking writer! So I'm gonna write about all things Che Butter Jonez. I'm going to tell you all about the hustle and grind of our life since purchasing this food truck. This business is bananas!!!!! But first...

I'm Bae Butter.

Bae Butter

Known as "The Sleazy Manager" by my husband, who really could be like the elusive Wilson peering over the fence providing insightful information, but preferring really not to be seen, my role is to get shit done! It's a hard gig being wife to the man, and manager of the business. I take both roles seriously!

In this blog I'll share the excitement, the set-backs, the come ups, and lessons learned, and a bunch of other shit that's possibly only important to me. It's been a crazy year and some change in this food truck game!


That this shit gonna be BIG SON! LOL


Videos from the truck, interviews with our customers, audio conversations between me and Che on the food truck business, our community outreach efforts, and ALL THINGS CHE BUTTER JONEZ from my perspective!!

Come take this ride with me. You have no idea what the food truck life is like, but I'm about to give you a birds-eye view on how we do it!

Consider this our introduction. The NEXT post will cover details of our very first service, how there were so many things we needed to know but didn't starting out in this business, and why help always came with an embellished story that we just had to let ride to find out what we needed to learn!

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Bae Butter Jonez
Bae Butter Jonez
Jun 06, 2019

No its not. It makes u sign in befire reading so I figured I just say thank you for it first


Qtee Baylor
Qtee Baylor
Jun 06, 2019

Is the "Subscribe" a link to subscribe? If so, it's not working.

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