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It's almost like I don't want to share, but putting out this positive vibe is what will set the tone as we move one step closer to being an actual brick-and-mortar restaurant open for business. One more step.

I'm consistent in my even flow of emotion. Think I'm saving my screams for the moment we're putting the final piece of asethetic in place. Looking forward to the night before we open, and how I'm going to document what that feels like.

I have, on the way out the door of the restaurant, turned and looked behind me at the space and smiled. That's because what it represents to me is so incredibly dope. It's believing in your ability to do what you said you were going to do regardless of the obstacles, and there have been many, but BABY!!!

It's scary good, emotions on overload... but it's ours. Not open when we thought, but opening exact when it is supposed to. All I know is we have come too far for failure. So we push forward.

Listen, we focus on providing quality customer service so you are comfortable when you are partaking in this quality food. Therr IS LOVE in there.. We can't wait to build upon that LOVE once we're in our new space. I said all of that to say, we're finally in the final stretch of this thing!! Thanks for your kind words and support. We love you guys! Keep a positive vibe for us in your thoughts!

Bae Butter Jonez

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