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Updated: Jun 14, 2019

it was our first day of service! All smiles and no idea of what was to come. We were serving a Esthetician School in Atlanta. My husband was antsy. He didn't really want to do the event in the first place. What was I thinking booking a school as our first event? Well you have to understand that we started late in the season, at no fault of our own. Our truck fabricators were late with finishing our truck and then getting all the appropriate paperwork in place was a nightmare, because NO ONE knew what the hell they were talking about. Bad information all around I tell you. This business is not for the faint of heart. So there we are ready for service, and our generator wouldn't start. PANIC SETS IN! Now my husband is really mad at me. LOL. I can laugh now, but at the moment, I was like, SERIOUSLY UNIVERSE????? What could I possibly have done to deserve this foolishness? I mention that maybe it's the oil. My husband ignores my mention, and keeps troubleshooting the problem. NOTHNG. Finally he thinks, maybe it's the oil (sometimes the wife be knowing). We jump in the car, drive down to the gas station, grab a few bottles of oil and return to the truck. We add the oil and VIOLA! Tragedy adverted!!! Lamb burgers were flying out the window! They loved it so much they invited us back! #bestlambburgerinatlanta

With our first day of service under our belts, we were ready to celebrate. Well, me and our children celebrated. My husband was reassessing our decision to get into this crazy food truck business, because if our first day was any indication of what was to come, he was not going to be pleased! LOL. #FACTS

He came around though :-)

A year later we still out here in deez Atlanta Streets. More than 1500 lamb burgers sold and we're still pushing through. There's something amazing about his food. Even when we cook it, it's HIS food and people love it. That has to be like the dopest feeling ever.

I know it's pretty freaking dope to witness.

Stick around. I'm just getting started.

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